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GRADESHEET.COM is for college teachers with medium/large classes. We provide FREE software and disk space to manage your grade book, featuring immediate feedback to students, and easy entry by multiple graders. Start with StudentInfo right now, or just click on one of the links below for a guided tour.

Pretend to be a Course Director
You supply a grade sheet file. We produce a WEB page each time a student wants to check her/his grades. (Help)

Start your own service or
Download the Windows software
Click here

and use ID Number: 123456

The teachers and graders working with the class contribute grades from their office computers over the WEB. Windows, Macintosh or UNIX works equally well. Summary sheets are produced for students, just like in StudentInfo.
Start your own service.

Be prepared to provide course-related info, including a class list in the form of a "Comma Separated Values" (.csv) file. (Help)

Test the service.

Click on "Log in"
Username:tester password:passpass
then move on to "Make changes" (Help)

The education software here is powerful and yet simple to use. It is an extension of the spreadsheet that is currently used by many educators in some form or another. It was refined with the help of active teachers.

Here is how it works: when a you click on Start your own service, we create a new grade sheet WEB site for you on our computer, located somewhere in Massachusetts. A class list (a spreadsheet file) can be uploaded over the WEB link that we provide. Your students can access the gradesheet over the Internet at "yourname.gradesheet.com", or "gradesheet.com/yourname". The confidentiality of the files is protected by layers of keys and passwords, and daily back-ups ensure data safety. It is also possible to Download some of our software, and set it up locally. An MS Windows 95/98/NT machine, a WEB server and just a bit of experience with CGI scripts will be needed. Look at the Frequently asked questions for more.

GRADESHEET.COM is not the best place to start your first WEB page. There are many ways to establish a presence on the WEB, and most Universities and Colleges provide rather sophisticated course WEB page services for the faculty to use. The WEB pages produced by us will integrate well with your existing course pages. Our strength is in the management of the gradesheet, and no other program can beat us in flexibility and ease of use. You must try it to see the difference.

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